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Healthy Smiles for Kids & Adults | Family Dentistry in Alvin, TX

No matter what age you are, attaining good oral health is important for preventing serious dental issues that can jeopardize your smile and your overall well-being. At the family dental office of W. Clay Wright, DDS, our team takes a friendly and gentle approach with patients of all ages. We offer dental treatments and preventive education that helps all members of your family protect the health of their teeth and gums.

Alvin, TX Family Dentist

Caring for smiles at any age means keeping up routine dental visits, so that Dr. Wright can remove any built-up debris and bacteria from all surfaces of your teeth. By scheduling regular dental visits, you can prevent the development of harmful plaque and tartar that decays teeth and causes gum irritation and periodontal disease. In addition to regular teeth cleanings for both kids and adults, our family dental office offers:Image of family brushing their teeth.

• Panoramic X-rays – A diagnostic machine that gets a in-depth 360 view of important oral structures, and does not involve the use of uncomfortable bite wings.

• Fluoride treatment – This quick rinse helps strengthen young teeth and prevent damage.

• Preventive care education – We teach all patients about the best ways to brush and floss in order to clean hard-to reach spots between teeth, as well as the sides and biting surfaces of teeth.

• Tooth-colored fillings – If any cavities are spotted during your dental x-ray, we can treat the affected teeth with discreet composite fillings.

• Gum disease treatment – Puffy, irritated, and bleeding gums are symptoms of gum disease. We can treat these issues and help prevent them from re-occurring.

• Emergency dental care – We provide immediate care for dental emergencies, such as knocked-out teeth and damaged dental work.

Dr. Wright and his entire staff are dedicated to the care of your family’s oral health. At our Alvin, TX, dental office, you are treated with warmth and respect, as well as high-quality dental work. Dr. Wright is passionate about your dental health; he routinely corrects work that patients have had performed at other dental offices. Because Dr. Wright has seen many patients who are dissatisfied with work completed at other offices, he has a unique understanding of how important it is to care for your smile the right way, the first time.

Our panoramic x-rays help us get a detailed picture of your oral health, so we can recommend the treatments that will most benefit you. Dr. Wright has over 20 years of experience in caring for patients smiles and can also accommodate emergency dental care for patients who have immediate need to see a dental professional.

Kid’s Dentistry in Alvin, TX

Our entire dental staff is excellent with children, taking care to treat kids with a friendly and calm demeanor that helps them feel safe at our dental office. As a part of caring for young smiles, we make time to teach young patients how to properly brush and floss while they are at home, so they can effectively clean debris that can accumulate in the pits of baby teeth.

We even have in-operatory movie service and hold a monthly bear give-away, where we raffle off a teddy bear to a patient, so they can leave their office with a fuzzy new friend. Our kid’s dental office welcomes the youngest members of your family for friendly dental care.

To learn more about the family-friendly dental care or to schedule a dental check-up for you or your child, contact the family dentistry office of W. Clay Wright, DDS, in Alvin, TX.


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